When Do You Abandon Your Website

One of the most grueling, and hardest decisions, is restarting from scratch. No one wants to hear it, and as an SEO specialist, I certainly don’t want to be the person telling a client this either! But, sometimes, it has to be done. At some point, having thousands of low quality links cannot be fixed. […]

2014 SEO For Small Businesses

2013 was an interesting year. It’s been filled with updates, small, and major. Now as it comes to a close, we have to wonder, what’s next, and how should a small business prepare for 2014. First and foremost, SEO is no longer about high link volume, link farming, etc. What we consistently see, after every […]

New Google Search Tools

Recently, we were doing some work and saw a very fascinating, and interesting new development It seems Google is now offering users the ability to filter search results based on reading level, and other interesting tools. When we looked closer, it seemed interesting to say the least.      

Bluetooth Speaker

It’s rare for us to endorse a product specifically – if anything, I think this is the first time, we’ve endorsed a specific product. We were recently approached by Rokit Boost, an electronics manufacturer. They’ve released this new, nifty, bluetooth speaker. First of all – in addition to being a speaker, it’s also got a […]

Images In Google Adwords

We recently saw something extremely cool, and revealing! Check out the screenshot below.   No, you’re not hallucinating. Google actually put an image in the Adwords section! Needless to say, anyone who said Google Adwords has a lower click through rate than SEO might soon be eating their words. This is a really cool development […]

Some Necessities For Small Business Owners

If you’re like most small business owners, then you’ll realize that starting a business isn’t so easy. There are a lot of steps you need to take, and a lot of of things you need to do in order to be effective. Small business owners have to wear “many hats,” hopefully the guide below will […]

Free Pay Per Click Management

Soni Consultants Inc., is proud to announce the launch of it’s all new free, pay per click management offer. Most business owners in this day and age, are doing both SEO and PPC in order to improve their rankings online. By signing up with Soni Consultants, you can have a one stop shop, for not […]

Google Starts Cracking Down On Payday Websites

According to SearchEngineLand, Google recently cracked the whip on many payday loan websites running Pay Per Click. It seems that advertisers were skirting around regulations, and avoiding them on Adwords. In response to this, Adwords took action, and banned many accounts/websites. If you’re worth your salt, and have been following the SEO industry at all, […]

Where is SEO headed?

A lot of people have been asking, and wondering, where is SEO headed. It’s a totally open ended question, subject to the opinions, and facts, people know and believe. Some say, – “nowhere” – SEO is fine as it is. Google has tightened the noose as much as possible, and improved the standards of quality […]

Giving Back

This is a personal message from our President, and CEO, Max Soni. It’s a statement, and support, for the Tri-State area, and in particular, Long Island business owners hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. To say the least, Hurricane Sandy changed many things. It made us appreciate the little things, a little bit more, and it […]

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