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Outsource SEO Company

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Looking to outsource your SEO company needs?

You’re on this page for one reason or another, but at the end of the day you probably fit into one of two categories.

1. You have an in-house SEO staff, but it’s not an ROI generator, and you want to outsource to an SEO company.

2. You run an SEO company, and do great work, but are looking for a reliable partner, so you can outsource SEO company related tasks. This will help lower your costs, and get you higher quality services.

If you have an in-house SEO staff, or just a consultant on salary, then you know first hand this is a huge expenditure. Whether it be the salary, or the benefits, bottom line there is a high cost attached to having your own in-house SEO staff. Your SEO has to be top-notch in order to justify the expense of having an in-house SEO staff. If the ROI from your in-house staff isn’t enough, then you should consider outsource SEO company tasks that they did, to a firm like us. We are cost-effective, and the cost of having us do your SEO is far less than having an in-house staff. Working with us can cost 5-10% of what you would ordinarily spend. Outsourcing your SEO needs makes sense when you think about it in these terms.  If you fit into this category, you should contact us to get a quote for the keywords you are interested in, and the cost. Whether it be performance based, or retainer based, outsourcing your SEO company tasks to us makes sense.

If you fit in the second option; you run an SEO company but want to outsource your manual SEO tasks to us – such as link building – then this too is a great idea. You might decide to outsource your SEO tasks to us for a variety of reasons. SEO is an art, and sometimes if you lack the proper utensils, you simply won’t get the desires results you need for your clients. When you work with us, we handle on-site optimization, and more importantly – off-site optimization, which entails getting in-bound backlinks. You don’t have to necessarily be an SEO company to take advantage of us, you can also be a web design studio. All work we do is white-label, and all agreements contain 100% confidentiality agreements, so rest assured we will never talk to your clients.

What’s an SEO firm actually do?

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Wondering what an SEO firm does and why are you paying them?

This is question we get asked frequently by prospective SEO clients who have never done SEO before. This is a really important question, and it’s important that the SEO firm who is doing the work properly state what they will be doing, and above all it’s important that the client understand deliverables and expectations

The responsibilities of an SEO firm can be summed up in in a few words: high search engine rankings. 

Back in 1997, this meant “tweaking” and stuffing the website with keywords and simply ranking high. Many first time SEO clients are still under this presumption; unfortunately this is just a small piece of the puzzle in 2012.

An SEO Company essentially does everything!  SEO companies act as both strategist, and implementer, when it comes to SEO. An SEO firm makes your website visible, and popular, resulting in high search engine rankings for your desired keywords so consumers can find you.

In terms of responsibilities, SEO can be divided into off-site optimization, and on-site optimization

Off-site Optimization responsibilities

SEO firms will help you increase relevant traffic through creating an off-site presence. This is done by generation of backlinks by syndicating all forms of content outside of your website, in order to generate relevant feedback/interactions/links back. Naturally occuring backlinks rewarding quality content is what search engines are looking for.

- This can mean using social media, article submissions, directory submissions, blog comments

On-site Optimization

Search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, are text-based search engines which require text and proper classification, through <h1> tags, etc to understand what your website is “about.”

The responsibility of an SEO company involves aligning your websites content, and structure, in line with your goals and how you would like search engines to classify your website.


Blackhat SEO vs Whitehat SEO

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Hey guys, another post about SEO. Recently, there have been some new Panda updates being unveiled by Google. These updates have been unveiled in an effort to level the playing field, and cut down on “over-optimization,” and in essence help small business owners, who have great content and services – compete with those who have high budgets, and perhaps great content, but in many cases low content.

Whenever such updates are rolled out, unquestionably the single biggest recurring issue is Blackhat SEO vs Whitehat SEO.

Google firmly believes that any effort to manipulate search engine rankings by website owners, is blackhat. Your goal as a website owner should only be to throw out great content to feed the masses. When hiring an SEO agency, a website owner is under the impression the agency will get them page one rankings, end of story. Often times, this is exactly what the agency desires to deliver as well. But in reality, Google would rather the relationship between the SEO agency and Website owner as one of an advisoral role.

In it’s definition of SEO, Google has no problem if a website owner does the following in an attempt to “SEO” his/her own website.

1. Review the site content/structure and attempt to make it more logical, and concise for visitors

2. Adjust the website and it’s hierarchical structure to reflect schools of thought when it comes to redirecting pages, errors, javascript, flash, or other hosting related issues

3. Development of new content and articles, optimized with certain keywords, so that you tell Google how you’d like it to classify your content.

4. Doing keyword research and incorporating this research in your development of your website pages

Googles assumption of white-hat SEO is that if you generate great content, other individuals on the internet will “naturally” link back to you and link to your content, your website, because they want to. When it comes to link building, this is the type of SEO Google would like to see.

Blackhat SEO is a website owner, or SEO agency, blatantly creating links pointing back to their website. Even if you do 1 backlink, you’re engaging in Blackhat SEO. It’s that cut and dry. Irregardless of the practicality of things, this is essentially the definition – by the book.

No agency will ever claim they do Blackhat SEO, that’s like signing your own death warrant. But realize that by them building links, by even engaging in the act of doing so, they are doing Blackhat SEO. The only question is to what degree they go black. Going extremely hard is when you run into Google penalties, and bad results.

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